Jackson Worthington is a producer for the ABC Perth Breakfast program. He started his career as a general news and features reporter at The Examiner in Launceston after graduating from Curtin University in 2019. He has also produced programs for ABC South West.

Tracking the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger

For three years a team of researchers combed newspapers, old books and Parks and Wildlife records in a bid to collect every sighting ever of the Tasmanian tiger. It was a painstaking process but the reward was a chance to track the extinction of the iconic species. Small collections of sightings had been collated previously but never before had a group of researchers brought together every recorded sighting of the thylacine.

Who killed Victoria Cafasso: revisiting the 25 year old cold case

Victoria Cafasso had only been in Tasmania five days when he body was found half naked on a beach. Twenty-five years on the killer remains at large. She had been stabbed 17 times and repeatedly struck so hard, with a blunt object, her front three teeth were knocked out. When her body was found, her bikini top had been raised above her breasts and her bikini bottoms were removed. However, police found no signs of sexual assault.